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In Search of the Best Sri Lanka Hotels?

Finding a hotel in Sri Lanka might sometimes feel like a bit of an uphill struggle. How do you know which Sri Lanka hotels to choose? Can you really trust what you read on the web? The key to finding the best Sri Lanka accommodation lies in evaluating all the sources carefully – checking out […]

Sri Lanka Deals: A traveling guide

Sri Lanka – Home to the best most breathtaking coastal retreats in the world. Brimming with rich landscapes, prehistoric treasures, Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife and the most hospitable people ever! With luxury hotels and resorts opening up in every corner, Sri Lanka is becoming a popular tourist destination day by day. In this article, we’ll […]

Sri Lanka Travel : Top Five Things You Need To Do

Sri Lanka travel always offers a lot to those who choose to visit this amazing country. To give you a taste of some of the top attractions, here are the top five things you need to do during your Sri Lanka trip: Explore Exciting Colombo – Popular Start Point for a Sri Lanka Vacation For […]

Where to go in Sri Lanka?

As the holiday season draws close, our travel itinerary begins to flash before our eyes, demanding for travel plans to be made. Currently ranking high on the must-visit list, Sri Lanka has become a major tourist destination. With a variety of locations catering to people of all tastes, it tugs at the heart strings of […]