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YouBid® - Set the Price

The real alternative to current reservation systems!

YouBid® – Set the Price

The real alternative to current booking systems

Time saving custom offers

Every deal is your own deal! Forget about spending hours on booking systems that show you irrelevant offers.

Fair with you, fair with hotels

We take around 50% of the commission that most hotel booking systems take from hotels and bed & breakfasts. Fair is fair!


You are not forced to accept any offer! You can evaluate the offers you receive and decide if you want to accept one of them or not.

Where can you travel with us?

Youbid is a work in progress project.

We are constantly developing new markets by recruiting new hotels and B&Bs that want to join our network.

We are currently operating in:


And soon we will be operating in:


We are proud to have started our operations in Sri Lanka!

These people are showing an amazing attitude during these coronavirus days!

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