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You have understood the potential of the idea behind YouBid®, however you want to know more about the concepts that  contributed to our model.

Here they are!

Limiting YouBid® costs:
Due to our system of cutting overheads and eliminating excessive spending, we can make good profits, while taking stakeholders’ interests into account.

Profit sustainability:
YouBid®, as a “lean” system with no huge overheads, will be able to stay profitable and is perfectly positioned for new, post Covid-19 world while Big boys will have to rethink their strategy.

Stakeholders are involved:
– Our App will increase income for merchants, thus creating opportunities for them to increase employment.
– We reduce prices for clients, leaving more spending power in their hands.
– Both elements will be paramount in post Covid-19 world.

The Tourism and OTA market is going to change (2nd revolution is on its way):
– The development of the high-tech tourism market is long overdue for a shake-up.
– The market has moved from a horizontal to a vertical model, where new start-ups are highly valued yet bring practically no benefits to the market, merchant or client.
The 2nd or 3rd level in this vertical model makes money by taking part in commissions from the 1st level. Thus, clients and merchants must pay more or OTAs make less.
– YouBid® goes back to the horizontal philosophy but in an innovative way which is interactive, flexible and cheaper for clients and more beneficial for merchants.
– YouBid® is not a remake of an out-dated proposal; it is a completely new way of doing business.

We are not Priceline all over again! We are post Covid-19 world proposition:
– “New Tech” gimmicks are not on our menu either. We have created what merchants and clients need, focusing on simplicity and interconnectivity.
– Last moment bookings (not more than 3 weeks in advance) will be new way of operations for majority of clients in post Covid-19 world.
– No refunds will be what merchants need (and demand from OTAs) in post Covid-19 world.
– All inclusive prices will be clients’ way of bookings.
– Not disclosing prices in advance = NO PRICE WAR, which is what merchants need.
– Country oriented system, ideal for post Covid-19 world. In year 2021-2022 travel will be mainly localised.
– Expected reduction of around 50% (compared to 2019) for business travel will force merchants to change their operating system and YouBid price non-disclosure model is the best for that.

YouBid® met ALL above long before coronavirus pandemic and accidentally our system meets post Covid-19 world’s changes to way people will travel.

Profitability is paramount, but must also take into account the stakeholders’ interests:
– During the last few years start-ups have created new “pyramid schemes” where value is based on new investors paying more and more in new rounds of investments.
This situation is or will be over relatively soon. Founders of some big tech companies are already quietly selling their shares leaving late comers in the cold.
– The YouBid® business model is based on generating profits from “day one” but in highly ethical way.
– We will make money when business is highly profitable or go down with it (very slim chance). NO golden parachutes for us.
– We take into account stakeholders’ interest by increasing profits thanks to the lean, efficient model of operations with no managerial excesses and overheads and with no high commissions.

YouBid® is in a perfect position to withstand storms thanks to our approach to
stakeholders and profitability, plus there will be NO managerial or owner excesses to
generate any “bad” publicity for YouBid®.

The People behind YouBid®
Our mobile application is a result of the combined efforts and ideas of all 4 of us:

– Anna, Polish, 38, brilliant lawyer, consummate traveller and visionary.
– Max, Italian, 47, AI and IT genius but, also a renaissance man. He sees things as they could be and not only as they are. Trend setter.
– Mohamed, 30, a Syrian refugee, educated in UK, living in Turkey. An IT expert, he creates things following his intuition as well as expressing his soul through his work.
– Andrzej/Andrew, 63, Polish origins living for the last 36 years in Australia and SE Asia. An entrepreneur, who has never worked for anybody else, owns his group of companies.

YES, our age is a huge advantage as we combine a modern approach that can compete with any millennial but, at the same time, have huge experience in running businesses.

So, in brief:

App online, IT and AI team ready, hotels in the first country signed up, signing up in 2 major EU countries will start in early 2021, SEA biggest country and Taiwan are ready to be tapped in.

The TM is registered in many countries, our companies have been established in Poland and Singapore.

YES, we are ready to take on the OTAs market and be first in series of companies which will reshape tourism industry in post Covid-19 world.

Let’s start this exciting journey together.

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