About us.

We have created a mobile app that will change the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) market.
Post Covid-19 world will be different from the last several years and both travellers and hotels/other accommodations will need new approaches.

Our system increases merchants’ profits and decreases travellers’ costs.

We are interactive in real-time, and we give total freedom to both travellers and merchants.

Our system works as follow: travellers make a bid using our app stating their total budget and other parameters, suitable hotels receive the bid and can (but don’t have to) reply with their counter offer. At this point, travellers are free to choose any of the offers (or even none), they do not have to choose the cheapest one!

Hotels do not have to offer rooms (thus avoiding potential OTA’s penalties due to complex inventory management).  They offer IF and WHEN it suits them. In post Covid-19 world tailored offers will be a must in order to avoid huge discounts for corporate travellers and/or general public.
– Neither the hotels, nor us,  disclose prices to the general public in advance. The only person that can see the  tailored offers coming from the hotels is the traveller who created the bid. This means NO PRICE WAR, which is what merchants need.
– Travellers: after the bid, they receive firm offers and can choose any of them after having viewed the profile of the hotels in question.

We are online with the Beta version of YouBid®, with Sri Lanka being our country of entry and in 2021 we are starting enrolment of merchants in two other major EU countries, plus two major South East Asia countries are ready to tap in.

Our marketing strategy is based on modern, mobile models but with a strict budget, rather than wasting money on excessive, old style advertising.
In post Covid-19 world major players will throw money into both modern and traditional marketing wasting large portion of it while every dollar we will spend will bring tangible results.

Our advertising strategy, reduces our costs and commission and saves hotels and travellers’ money.

!!!!!  ALERT !!!!!
Important for both merchants and travellers:
to save your money, we created a money efficient system and our commission is about half of what others charge!

NO REFUNDS: merchants are assured of payment, and travellers get better deals. Yes guys, refund policies don’t come for free, ask our competitors.


TOTAL PRIVACY: we are not selling statistical data to any third party!

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