YouBid for Hotels and B&Bs

You decide where to go using our search system or within a certain radius from your current location, then you decide the TOTAL BUDGET you are willing to spend (e.g. budget for 3 double rooms for 6 days). You decide when to go, how many people, what kind of rooms you want and star rating of the structure. Then, if you want, you choose the services you want (e.g. swimming pool, parking,…), set the duration of the bidding period (max 2 hours) and send your request!

When the bidding period is over, you will receive the offers coming from various hotels. From that moment you have one hour to choose an offer (only if you want!) and pay for it.

Upon payment the booking will be officially accepted by the hotel. That’s it!

No! The system gives you and hotels maximum freedom. You are not forced to accept any offer, as hotels are not forced to reply yo your bid request.

Once the bidding time that you have set (from 30 minutes to 2 hours) has expired, you will have 60 minutes to choose an offer and pay. If you choose an offer (remember: you are not forced to choose any), then you will be redirected to our payment gateway to complete the transaction. Your card will be charged immediately after you have completed the payment process.

NOTE: if you fail to choose an offer and pay within the above mentioned 60 minutes timeframe, the offers you have received will no longer be valid, but there will be no penalties on you. You will simply have to create a new bid.

Yes and no.
They will include all the standard taxes (VAT, GST, sales taxes,…) but not local tourist taxes.

Those are normally paid at the hotel counter, and are almost impossible for us to calculate as they are often decided by each city council and are based on the age of tourists, number of tourists, number of nights and so on.

The good news is: they are usually very small fees!

Apart from few exceptions, you will pay in the currency specified by the hotel. You can display the prices in any currency of your choice to have a reference, but the actual payment will be in the currency specified by the hotel.

For two reasons. The first one is that we need to know where you are when you use your current position to create a bid request. The other is that we must comply with the laws of many countries, so we need to know if you are on the territory of one of those countries.

Right now in Sri Lanka, shortly after Sri Lanka we will include Russia. Then we are developing our network through Europe and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan,…) and Indonesia. We are constantly working on our network of hotels!

At the moment the bookings are non refundable.

NO. You will know the hotel name/location before accepting any offer.

Currently we accept credit card payments only.

Our reliable payment gateway